Thursday, 17 July 2008

Sorry About the Pause

Hi All,

I know you must by now, be thinking that either a). Rory is now already enjoying 3 course meals while perusing the latest edition of the FT 100 index or b). we've all just fallen off the face of the the earth. I wouldn't blame you, as my silence has, I'm sure, been deafening. Just to reassure you one and all, we are all doing fine, and Rory is progressing extremely well despite the appalling level of service he is receiving. I haven't been able to put finger to keyboard this past few months for the simple reason that I have been completely and utterly quashed by the system. I've been at a loss to find a way to relate events without a furious rant which could have landed me in legal hot water! Yet again our tails have been nailed to the rollercoaster that is the HSE, and we have peaked from the high of services granted to the lows of the realisation that the best they have to offer is far from adequate. We have battled the intense feelings of helplessness and entrapment that this situation brings, all the while morning the loss of optimism, our guiding light. I am once again coming out of the fog and regaining the wind to fan those flames, and I will, I hope be able to rejoin the land of the relatively sane in the next few weeks. I am now, at least, capable of ruminating without fumigating on events! So bear with me again as I try to piece together the raw jigsaw that has been our lives for the last few months.

Thanks so much for your continued interest and support, it has quite literally kept us going when we didn't think we had it in us to proceed.