Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Are We There Yet?

It's been a busy few months since I last posted - we've been chasing our tails so much I don't quite know where to start. We're not there yet but we're darn close!

Well firstly, Jess got back from her camp at Barretstown with a nasty chest infection which she then passed on to Rory during our holiday in Connemara. That lingered with him for a while and then his gut started to act up, then it settled down again until suddenly all hell broke loose and we ended up back in Temple Street with pneumonia!

Needless to say the return to school has been disjointed and with that our whole household routine has been even more chaotic than usual. The other kidney and myself are now so wrecked that we are fantasizing about a week in hospital for ourselves just so we can catch up on sleep! We were so out of practice with the whole hospital thing - isn't crazy how quickly you forget? We morphed back into a pair of lightweight first-timers not able to plan even the most simple logistical task of organising after-school activities - I just got the last place in the swimming class by the skin of my teeth and I suspect the woman took pity on me as I was close to tears at that stage, or maybe she feared I might turn feral and make a lunge for her!

Today we're back on track, we've dried our eyes and blown our noses. Boy Wonder did his first full day at school yesterday and then promptly slept for three hours on the couch! We all got into to bed at 8pm and today I feel like I could run the world!

I've been working on a project all summer and it's finally ready for the world; all of you iPhone/iPad users out there check out my new app: http://sutromedia.com/apps/Ireland_Are_We_There_Yet
It's a travel guide to Ireland for parents travelling with kids: jam-packed with fun ideas of things to do and visit. It was a labour of love and written from heart but with a large chunk of experience of the survival tactics necessary for long journeys with cars full of the deafening chorus of 'Are we there yet?' emanating from the back seat. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I've enjoyed writing it.