Monday, 14 April 2008

Are You Ready Boots?

Hi All,

As you can see the boots arrived - and Rory loves them! Already I can see an improvement in his balance and he is running with so much more confidence. We've had a great a great couple of weeks, I still can't believe that we haven't been in Temple St since the 27th of March, it's a new record for us. Rory is back there tomorrow for blood tests, the first that will have to be taken without his central line. Poor little man he hasn't yet realised that they will have to stick a needle in him from now on to get the blood samples required, he's not going to be pleased when he figures that one out!

The plod continues with the Needs Assessment appointments, at least now we can stamp in and make lots of noise with the new boots! I won't bore you with the latest round of brain throbbing, eye twitching encounters, but suffice it to say we are remaining polite in the face of some very challenging situations!

Rory is being his usual charming self, he now modestly proclaims to anyone who will listen that he is 'Fantastic" - he was never one for the understatement, our Rory.
He has also recently developed an interest in Rice Krispies and has now taken to pouring the contents of the box onto the kitchen table. He sometimes likes to add milk to his Krispie mountain, then sticks a spoon in the middle, and puts it to his lips! In the world of an orally averse little boy, this is the feeding equivalent of the Good Friday Agreement! In a move as historic as, say Ian Paisley admitting he quite fancies a decade of the Rosary of an evening, Rory actually picked up a single Rice Krispie on Saturday and put it into his mouth! We watched, while trying desperately to pretend we weren't looking, we waited for the gag, the spit and the violent ejection, but nothing happened. The Krispie simply moved round in his mouth and then went the way a krispie should go, south to his tummy! I'm surprised it wasn't the top story on Sky news!

So lets all hope and pray that this is the start of many more snap crackle and pop moments in this young man's already most eventful life!


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Véro said...

Hi there !

Hourra pour les Rice crispies !!! I must admit here I've always liked them ...

THE BOOTS are just Fab ... très à la mode !

biggest hugs to everyone from
"Liverfluke" aka