Friday, 28 November 2008


Hi All,

I've just had one of those weeks. I really think I'm are in dire need of a day care centre for those with 'memory challenges'? Oh it's been a beaut! To the extent that the other kidney has taken to sending me texts which read " Hello my name is Niall, I am your husband do you remember me?". Pin numbers? How are ya! I'm having difficulty with my address and phone number these days - only for the computer knows my password to log on, I may have vanished permanently from the blogosphere.

It has just occurred to me that my internal hard drive, mother board, gigabyte thingamajig might need an upgrade, overhaul or indeed a complete replacement! My brain is uber crammed with appointments, letters of complaint, overdue thank you cards, lunch box ingredients and plans to defrost the freezer. I think this week it just went on strike. While I couldn't blame it, I was, however, deeply disturbed that since dinner still had to be produced, my body couldn't go out in sympathy with my brain. I've been nurturing fantasies of just stopping, not any dramatic meltdown, high drama, I just can't take it anymore strops. Just a nice simple easy grind to a halt. I'm indulging in those day dreams, the ones where where you're by the pool, trailing your left big toe along the water's edge, while sipping one of those fruity cocktails and managing to keep the paper umbrella out of your eye? Ah yes, a 2 week break filled with sun loungers and trashy novels while your brain waits patiently at Dublin airport for your return. Sadly I get rocked back to November in the west, with horizontal rain fall, inside out umbrellas and smelly nappies!

It's funny though, when you do check out for a while - things seem in sharper focus when you jolt back. Today, I realised to my immeasurable joy, that Rory knows all the words and steps to the Hokey Cokey. He can do all the actions for Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. He now understands the concept of 'finished'. He asks to have his face massaged. He no longer looses the plot when he has his toe nails cut. He will put Pringles to his lips. He will sit at the table during dinner. When I ask him "who's the best man in Ireland?', he'll giggle and shout " it's me Rory Barrett".

Sometimes you have to leave the planet to appreciate the glory of where you are.


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