Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Santa's a Hit

What can I say? We had our first ever visit to Santa. It went remarkably smoothly, no one lost an eye, all elves' limbs remain intact. Rory answered all the questions put to him by the man in the red suit, made his formal Christmas demands, he didn't trash the grotto and his big sister didn't have to slope off and pretend not to be with us. Now that's what I call a transplant dividend! Although he was just a touch deflated by the low spec gift, as it was clearly not as per his aforementioned request. We're still working on the whole, 'you have to wait 'till Christmas' lark with him. He's not buying it but hedging his bets and not protesting too much. Little angels, you gotta love 'em.



fiona said...

Looking good there! I hope Santa realised how lucky he was!

Fiona G xxx

Anonymous said...

Great photo de Noël !!!

Meilleurs voeux pour 2009 mes loustics .


The VERY best to you little darlings ...
I'm thinking of you
see you soon ...