Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Is This A Sign?

I've just been sent an application for E112 funding - this is for treatment outside the state. It seems we're being referred to a feeding clinic in London. I say it seems, as, since I don't officially have a copy of the paediatrician's report, I can only assume that's what is in fact, happening. Should I be hopeful? Cynical? Joyful? Impressed? Relieved? Bored? You see, without all the information, I find it difficult to come up with the appropriate reaction.

So, I did as I was asked, filled out the form and sent it back. I suppose now I wait. I wonder if they'll contact me when or if we are to go to London? Maybe they'll tell everyone else on the team and hopefully the news would filter through to us eventually. But then again, if they haven't told us already, would we really need to go? Maybe the doctors could just, I don't know, talk to each other and well, just ignore us, we're probably only in the way.

But, should I pack a bag, just in case?



steph said...

You're a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stench-filled world of HSE muppets!

That E112 form could prove to be your passport to a world of patient-centred health care.

Don't hold your breath though!

AnnB said...

As I inhale, I have that niggling worry that maybe the NHS may not be any better than the HSE........better the divil you know, and all that?