Monday, 2 March 2009

Anyone seen my tooth?

It's a blurry picture, I know, but it was not so much a moving target as a speeding one. But wow, what big news Rory lost his first tooth yesterday! And believe me, I do mean lost in both senses of the word. We have scoured the house and it's not to be found. The current consensus is that he must have swallowed it. Before you leap in, no, the irony is not lost on me. He won't use his teeth to eat anything, yet chooses instead, to eat his teeth. Well at least, we can add that to the list of single items consumed, it's a short list, so far featuring only a single Rice Krispie and a front tooth.

Of course the whereabouts of this tooth does pose a new dilemma. If indeed it was swallowed, would the tooth fairy mind if we, you know, waited for it to, well, put delicately, exit again? Obviously, we would clean it up before leaving it out for collection. Anyone know what usually happens in situations such as this? However, strictly 'entre nous', from the state of his nappies, if I were the tooth fairy, I'd happily accept an I.O.U.



Grannymar said...


The tooth fairy works magic. Does anyone ever see her take the tooth from under a pillow?

So perhaps she was there to catch it when it fell out.

If that were the case then she might just leave a note under the pillow with the little surprise.... can you write with your left hand or ask someone to do it for you.

AnnB said...

Thanks for the tip Grannymar. We have to be extra careful here, as all things magical come under the careful scrutiny of Jess, Rory's big sis and general bodyguard! She's a tough nut to crack, with very high standards in this area! I find it's usually best to let her come up with the solution as she'll only poke holes in ours!