Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Reasons To Be Cheerful.....




Ok, so I'm no wildlife photographer, but you can still get the idea! Approx. 2 feet from my kitchen door, a robin, clearly showning enormous trust in us, (or with nerves of steel), has decided to make her home in ours! Watching her settle in without so much as an IKEA catalogue to help with the colour palette, has been an inspiration. The kids are enchanted.

The eggs hatched on Sunday, I have no idea when they may fly - Any advice? We feel a huge responsibility to this family; we really want to make sure they get the best start. It's all very lovely, but now I have another family's woes to keep me awake at night. How will she manage in this recession? Will her child benefit be taxed? What about health care? The right schools? It's going to get very crowded in there, will she have the means to trade up to a modest 3 bed semi? No sign of Mr Robin though - will she qualify for lone parents allowance? Do single mothers with 5 kids get mortgages nowadays? Where do robins go for this kind of advice? It's exhausting.

I try to share these concerns with her, sensitively broaching the subject, but she just gives me the look. The one that says; 'I'm in control, stop faffing'.

I'm taking lots of inspiration from this visiting family - they just seem to smile in the face of adversity. What an honour to share our home with such excellent house guests!



steph said...

What fun!

I looked at all those pots of paint and I thought "Oh dear, Ann has really lost the plot" and then on second glance, I saw HER.

HELLO! Mrs Robin and welcome to all your lovely little babies!

Ann - Thanks for the lift!

btw You're very good at faffing ;-)

AnnB said...

That's because I have a PhD in 'faffology' from the HSE school of headless chickens!:-)

Grannymar said...

Will You have to house train them?

Happy Easter to you and your family (including the extended one)!

AnnB said...

Thanks GM many happy returns, I hope I don't have to train them as my own are still a work in progress!! Mrs R. looks like she's more than capable though!

Anonymous said...

Joyeuses pâques à la tribu qui vient de s'agrandir ...

What a great sign of hope & life ma pucette !
Thinking of you , tendresse


AnnB said...

Merci Tatie Vero! Happy Easter to you too from the now enormous Galway gang (as a result of visiting robins and too many chocolate eggs!)