Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Rogue's Progress

For some reason, I have a really vivid recollection of last year's May bank holiday weekend. I remember the weather was beautiful, we spent most of it in the garden pottering. Rory was battling a cold and I was sure we wouldn't see out the weekend without a transfer to Temple St.I was wrong, he beat the bug. It was the first time he shook off a dose on his own, a big milestone. I really began to readjust my radars, his new kidney was changing the rules of our lives in so many ways, we almost had to learn a whole new script. We were still travelling to Dublin once or twice a week. I had been trained to access his central line and take blood myself. A nerve racking procedure, inducing severe bouts of jelly legs and much dryness of my throat, but it's amazing what you're prepared to do to avoid another regular trip to Dublin!

This year, the weather failed to delight, but Rory manged to shine incandescently! While the sky was so thick with rain, it was literally hanging into the ditch, Rory sang his heart out and promised us all that once the rain stopped, we'd go to the playground. His joy at spending time with his family barely contained. Having stripped the sofa of all cushions, he and Jess bounced rolled, giggled and tumbled their way from Friday to Monday. Jess wisely remarked that; " you don't have to be cracked to live in our house; but it helps!"

A conversation through the comments of my last post made me realise, I have been doing it again; only posting about boy wonder when I have a complaint about the system. So today I'm taking a moment to revel in how far we've come on this most exciting of journeys.

I can't even begin to detail the progress of this last year there has been so much. So much, for which we are incapable of expressing the immensity of our gratitude. Maybe these few photos will give you a glimpse of the the Rogue's wondrous progress.




steph said...

Those pics are enough to lift anyone's heart on this grey day in May.

Here's to the next milestone!

Magpie11 said...

Here's power to you!

I'm glad I have been pointed to your blog.... Those pictures are great.

Last Thursday I worked in a school for the severely disabled for the very first time ( and I've been in this Borough for 37 years) I was humbled and uplifted and amazed.... I fell in love....
Re your previous post...keep at it... and if you want to offload ever get my e-mail addy from Marie.

I can't say more 'cept...I'll be back!

AnnB said...

Hey Steph - seeing you back out in the world, has lifted my heart! Hope you're on the mend.

@Magpie - hello and welcome, thanks so much for your kind words and offer of an ear - beware I may take you up on that!!!

Anonymous said...

Photos magnifiques !

Rory is Shnake's version of miniME, oh , la, la ...

Jess is your spitting image !
Your children are simply gorgeous ma puce , they are !

I'm dying to see you all , I'll keep you posted when I've got news .

Bises + tendresse

AnnB said...

@ Tatie Vero, Well book your ticket ma puce!