Tuesday, 9 June 2009

These Are Good Days

It's been a great few weeks. The sun had it's best millinery out, and we basked in sumptuous sunshine. We ate in the garden most nights, swam in the chilly bay and ate ice cream till we felt sick.

It all started with Jess' communion - a really memorable day, not for any blingtastic bashes, but just for the fact that we had a celebration. I realised as our neighbours joined us for tea, cake and the odd drop of something stronger, that we had never had the occasion to invite them in before. We've been literally firefighting for almost 6 years. It was lovely to kick back and share a laugh.
It also gave us a long overdue chance to say thank you to all of you amazing people out there, who have opened your hearts, houses and arms to us during the dark days. Look how far we've come, now take a bow all of you, because we couldn't have done it without your support.

We can even report progress on the psychology second opinion. We had our first session last week with the new psychologist, and there's another tomorrow. So far, she appears to be of the non furry, string operated variety, but we will reserve all judgement till the final report. Just the old superstition of chicken counting and eggs hatching, you know how it is.

Plans for Rory's launch into full time education in Sept are gathering pace. So far, we seem to have dodged the cut backs and it looks like he will be approved for a Special Needs Assistant. Again caution is advised on chicken head counts here also. But fools that we are; we live in hope.

I've been busy trying to keep fit - remember those new years resolutions? In an effort to put my money where my cake hole is, I signed up for a sponsored swim (well two actually; but more about that anon). So far we have raised a tidy sum for the Ian Daly Swim a Mile with a smile for Barretstown. Feel free to log on and donate to this wonderful cause. I nearly had to be hospitalized and it cost me a fortune in physio, but I did it. I was not alone; auntie Mags, complete with dodgy arm was one of our star swimmers. A huge thanks must also go to Orla, Jen and Damien in the Ardilaun leisure club, who, bless them, didn't need any coercion to get involved. So we're all feeling nauseatingly smug at the moment!

The twists and turns of this journey will always catch me off guard. This blogging business has become such a major part of my life. I am now involved in the lives of people I've never even met. I worry about their kids, their desire to have kids and their on going health issues. They, in turn come and visit here, to leave messages of support and encouragement. But today, I was literally blown away by two posts.

Steph is facing some major surgery, but with an optimism and chutzpah that just takes the floor from under me. She is an inspiration. The other major news is that Xbox is going to be a Dad.Big sissy that I am, I wept with joy reading that post this morning.

Of course I've heard nothing back from Enable Ireland, but honestly, did you expect anything?

These are good days; so lets not waste them.



Xbox4NappyRash said...

Thanks Ann, happy doesn't come close to describing us at the moment.

I love the sound of communion, sounds like ye needed the relaxed social day as much as anything.

Thanks again, mind yerselves.

AnnB said...

You're welcome Xbox now go and enjoy your rollercoaster!

Anonymous said...

Ann, I've just read almost your entire blog (really!) and am so moved by the actions of your wonderful family. You sound like a fantastic team. Congratulations on the wonderful progress you've made with Rory, notwithstanding the UNBELIEVEABLE OBSTACLES put in your way by our amazing health service. He is GORGEOUS. Such a hero. And his big sis is a treasure. Just wanted you to know that.
I wish you every best wish and contiuned positive progress with your son, Rory.

AnnB said...

Hi Grace and welcome. What a lovely comment thank you.

steph said...

It sure is good to be alive!

Thanks for the lovely tribute. I just do what I have to do and try to do it with a smile. I told the surgeon at the weekend that if I ever lost my sense of humour, he'd be in BIG trouble!

I discovered Xbox's fantastic news just before I left for the airport last week and I knew it was a good omen.

I'm getting there. Congrats to you all on getting there too.

Anonymous said...

Hi my dearest Anita!

I didn't take time ( at this time of year , you know French Education ...)to get a chance to get some news from you and the little tribe !

Silly old Véro !

I'm glad to read some good news from all of you and I found the photos just great .

Send all my love to the beautiful Princess and her valiant baby brother .

As for darling "Shnake" , he looks gorgeous , too!

You look great, too , Mighty Woman !

Pour toi , ma pucette , my only and true hero , I'm dying to come around , hopefully this summer ?
I promise , I'll let you know as fast as I can ...

Take care all of you !
Tendresse + bises

AnnB said...

Great to have you back in the blog world Steph. It was lonely without you.

@ Vero, less talk and more action mamzelle, book your ticket; your room is waiting and the kettle is on!