Friday, 23 October 2009

The Wisdom of Youth

I bundled these buzzing beauties off to school in fancy dress today. All dressed up for the mid term break party, Jess in her gothic glory and Rory as a Batman rip off!

As we walked to school, Jess mused aloud about how the other boys in Rory's class would be dressed. "I'll bet they all come as superheroes" She pronounced with some authority. Sensing the question forming on my lips, she then quickly expounded: "They're always superheroes until they get to first class; then they turn into baddies!"

There wasn't really much I could add to her theory, it was, in her eyes, complete. Who am I to argue with a 9 year old sage?




steph said...

I can almost hear the excited giggles from here!

How well I remember those days of trying to get the kids out the door (in fancy dress) in time for school. The excitement was mighty!

Rory looks ready to fly! I wonder if his wise owl sister turns out to be right?

AnnB said...

I think she's probably wise beyond her years. Rory flew to school and promptly puked on the suit shortly after he arrived with excitement! Oh the joys!

Anonymous said...
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Xbox4NappyRash said...

Neither here nor there, but you've just reminded me that I used to have a batman outfit myself.

The blue batman from the telly, not the black batman from the films.

Carry on.

Rosie said...

Great picture. I would love to hear her views on girl dressing up ? Nine years old now - we are getting old... Chat soon,


AnnB said...

Why Xbox, I would have had you down as a Superman fan - don't know why, but there you go. Glad to see you had the class to go with the original telly version - I've never felt the film costumes were any good.

@ Rosie - I've lifted the phone to ring you I don't know how many times this last week and been distracted each time - promise I won't let the wkend pass without giving you a call.