Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Translator Resigns

Well, in the titanic battle that is Barrett vs The services: round # 603 went to Rory! He has just been approved for 3 resource teaching hours a week. It only took three months, 60 phone calls, a small woodland dell worth of paper, a large lump of expletives and a crash course in relaxation techniques. We were lucky this time to escape with only minor bruising and some superficial wounds.

The outcome of Barrett vs Crumlin Hospital is less clear however. A week after my last post, and completely out of the blue, we received another letter reverting our appointment back from Jan. 27 to the original date - Nov. 18. Confused? I hear ya! Needless to say, the other kidney had re-arranged work and could no longer make it on Nov 18; the new correspondence only giving us 48 hours' notice. So, we will now re-revert (if you follow me) to the January appointment. I'm feeling both battered and baffled.

Another notable notch in our battle belt was recorded last week; it appears our services have been transferred out of Enable Ireland. Steady on! It's early days, and I fully expect a mega misunderstanding before we so much as get within a whimper of another ologist, but it's these little victories that get me out of bed on these dark, damp mornings!

If and when, a therapist or ologist appears out of the murky mist of the HSE West, trust me, you'll be the first to hear about it!

Translation? I give up!



steph said...


If you like, I could swap you some 'itis' for your 'ologist'???

Pity about that Crumlin appointment. Talk about a cock-up!

Pleased to hear the other news though.

AnnB said...

We could do away with waiting lists by playing services poker: I'll see you, your itis and raise you two ologists!

Last one to fold, gets to see the therapist!

Could catch on.....