Thursday, 15 April 2010

To Win Just Once

It's been a rough week. Community Don't Care are battering us yet again. I'm tired. I'm sleep deprived. I'm fed up and really not very user friendly at the moment. My lifeline has been cut. One night a week we had a nurse look after Rory. It meant a full night's sleep. A glass of wine. A life. Three weeks ago, the nurses stopped coming, just like that. No word. No communication, nothing. The HSE informed the nurses their services were no longer needed. Nobody called us. Nobody asked if Rory's situation had changed. Nothing.

I know I need to get my fighting boots on but my soul is tired. I'm battle worn and low on victories. I'm out of words so I'll let this song say it, while I re-charge my flat battery and dust off my flak jacket.



Anonymous said...

I'm quite sad and really "furieuse" for you mon petit chou and for the whole family!

As you already know , you've got all my love and all my support.

I don't really know what to say except you have already won other battles.
I trust you , you won't quit , don't give up you're still my hero in your shining armour !

Je pense à toi très fort p'tit poulet...

Sending you lots of good vibes and love.

Prend soin de toi & de la petite tribu .


steph said...

You know my opinion on this.

It's outrageous that the HSE gets away with treating people like this. Cutting the service is one thing but doing it the way they have, is totally unacceptable.

They may take away the props that make life bearable but they can't silence you be sure to make plenty of noise to embarrass them!

Anonymous said...

Well well, the HSE continues it's 5 star lack of communcations record. Why are we totally unsuprised even though disgusted.

That you tube thread has now introduced the kids in this house to the Saw Doctors - thought they were great for "older people" (the cheek).

Chat soon,


AnnB said...

Thanks guys - spread the word of what's going on and any tactical suggestions for the battle ahead would be greatly appreciated. They are shameless so I don't know if embarrassment is a sanction they fear, however I will nonetheless shout their shame from the roof tops!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Shameful, downright shameful.

AnnB said...

Xbox - I hope you're referring to the HSE and not my choice of music!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Hahah, definitely the HSE.

I'm not a Saw Doctors fan but I love that song. One of my all time Irish favourites.

AnnB said...

The lyrics just seem particularly apt at the moment.