Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A Winter Tonic.

It was one of those days, I had foolishly turned on the radio only to be assaulted by a torrent of fiscal doom and gloom. The rain was of the biblical variety and the weak spot in the kitchen had sprung a leak, spilling an expanding pool of rainwater across the floor towards the fridge. The mop was nowhere to be found and the anaemic light from the blinking bulb in the hall was vainly attempting to augment the darkness of this November noon; scuppering any hopes of a mop search and rescue mission.

I could feel the clouds lowering and then all of sudden, they were lifted by that reassuring ping of my mobile phone announcing an incoming message. Someone out there was thinking of me. It was a picture message from school. In a single flash of communication technology, this one simple image immunized me against this year's two deadly doses: the weather and the economy. I hope it works for you!



Anonymous said...

Great photo - yes very cheery. Love the big boy haircut.Rosie

AnnB said...

It's milestone mania here Rosie! Shortly after this meal, he went to up to the board for the first time ever when called by the teacher. She asked him to write the number 9 which he did expertly and promptly received a spontaneous round of applause from his classmates. I've been a sniveling mess since I heard!

steph said...

Aah! That's gorgeous.

And there was I trying to picture you in the kitchen being Mrs. Mop!

Do I have to do extra homework for being late? :-(

AnnB said...

Thanks Steph - I promise to post many more photos to cheer you up!