Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Our house has been filled with the sounds of rollerblading- astronauts preparing for hazardous missions in far off galaxies since early morning. The front room is a mine field of discarded wrapping paper, un-read instructions and assorted decorative debris. As I look out on the snow and ice I am again struck by our immense good fortune: we are not forced out in this weather, we don't have to make to the hospital tomorrow for dialysis. Please spare a thought for those who still do and perhaps in doing so, you might consider an organ donor card as one of your new year's resolutions. We are settling in for our third consecutive hospital-free Christmas and for that I am eternally grateful.

Merry Christmas



sheena said...

happy xmas love sheena

AnnB said...

Hey Sheena - Happy Christmas to you too - my mum is actually on your side of the world this Christmas, I hear the weather's not great. We've had our own climate challenges here this year. Hope all's well with you are you in the new house yet?

fiona said...

Hi all
Just catching up on the latest. Wow it looks positively 'normal' down there.
The 3 year video is great. Your children are gorgeous. I have not seen Jess for a while. She is so beautiful. Where did you get her? just kidding! And there is no question as to your mans origins!!
IS rory actually still talking as the spoon goes into his mouth and when it is coming back out again ??!!

Love to all
Fiona G xxxx

AnnB said...

@ Fiona 'fraid himself has inherited his mother's eating and talking DNA which is obviously also the source of his sister's grace and beauty!!