Friday, 25 April 2014

Medical Card Misery

Day 65 in the Big Brother Medical Card Misshap and the applicants are getting tetchy. Six million phone calls later and the card is still being 'processed'.

After my last post, I received a threatening letter from a medical card mandarin stating that despite repeated efforts to contact me, I had still refused to submit the Other Kidney's accounts and that if I didn't hop to sharpish Boy Wonder's card would be cancelled in 21 days. Needless to say, I went mental and took to the phone! Got to speak to a supervisor who had definitely been to charm school. He used all the right language; phrases like 'I'll take ownership of your case' and 'on behalf of my colleagues here in the Client Registration Unit, can I just apologise for this inconvenience'. I'm glad he thinks it's just an inconvenience. In my life it is the stuff of monumental meltdowns requiring intravenous wine, gin and or chocolate.

His charm school shtick worked for a while, the follow up email helped I guess. Two weeks, two phone calls and a flat 'we're still processing your claim' later I am beyond charm. I'm proper blue blazing. 65 days ago I sent a complete application - so complete a trained monkey could have reissued the medical card. I have followed all the rules, I have done what they asked - four times now and still nothing. Our file is not complicated. It's rubber stamp able. 65 days and still we wait.

A robust Rioja anyone?


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