Thursday, 13 March 2008

Peek a boo

Hi All

It feels strange to be back on the blog band wagon and it's not so easy fitting in the time what with Rory the rascal running a - muck! I thought I should just give you some insight into his progress. He was always a fairly high octane young man, but now with a well oiled 2nd hand, only one fairly careful previous owner, internal combustion kidney inside him, he has become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with! He also has the criminal master mind to match his energy so you quite literally never know what he's going to get into next. So far this week I have pulled him out of the fireplace (unlit), the washing machine, the oven (both turned off fortunately)and the fridge. I have gingerly coached him down from the dizzying heights of the top of the TV set and bookcase. I have retrieved toys and kitchen utensils from, the chimney (are we seeing a pattern here?), the junk pile in the garden which I fraudulently refer to as the compost heap (a cheap effort on my part to imply some non existent eco cred). His finest hour was of course on Mother's Day, which I spent trying to retrieve a plastic model of Sully (Monsters Inc character) from the toilet bowl. Only for the Marigold gloves I don't know where we'd be!

Of course when he's not up to mischief, he's busily soaking up bundles of useful information leaking out from television advertising, then helpfully informing all who will listen with pearls of wisdom such as "Eircom broadband is only €15 a month"! Other favourite activities include singing jingles and sticking tape to his lips ( don't ask - I haven't figured that one out yet myself - but no roll of tape is safe in his presence!). His concentration, focus and vocabulary have come on in leaps and bounds since the transplant. His engagement with those around him has significantly improved also, I suppose now he feels well for the first time in his life he has the time to take in the world around him.

His potential is limited only by the lack of services available to him - that's where we come in - we have to secure them by fair means or foul. We also need to set a precedent so that no other child has to endure this type of discrimination.

I'll resume the battle story in my next post - the brain damage I have endured from my most recent communications with that great nebulous Quango called the HSE has benumbed my cerebral cortex to such an extent that I just can't write about it today!


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Claire FLOT said...

Ma chère Ann, comme il en faut du courage pour lutter contre la bureaucratie, en Irlande ... ou en France, ce serait pareil !
Ton fils en tout cas est superbe !
Nous pensons tous bien à vous 4 et vous embrassons bien fort !

Claire et toute la famille FLOT