Wednesday, 19 March 2008

How you can help

Hi All,

A brief note to thank you all for your messages of support. In answer to your many questions of what you can do to help, please keep the comments coming on the blog. Please talk about this situation, as I am sure we are not the only ones. Please make your local representatives aware of your outrage. I want to build up a body of public opinion that is informed, first hand, of the chaos that passes for community health care services for our most vulnerable children. The only way we will ever effect change, is if we take responsibility for what is going on. I am keeping this blog to bear witness to what is happening to my family, this is the only way I feel I can make my contribution right now. Your support is of huge importance, so keep the comments coming and pass on the blog address to others in similar situations, lets hear their stories too.

And lets not forget folks, that there is a little boy who got a kidney from his Dad over 3 months ago, who still can't eat.



Anonymous said...

Hi to you all in the west,

I am totally disgusted at the lack of treatment offered to Rory who has gone through so much in his short life and the lack of decency on the part of the HSE. Words fail the majority in these situations but you are gifted with words so let them spill and we the less able will forward this story through technology or by old fashoned means. I fear that only by shaming the HSE publically will there will be a change in attitude by that disorganisation established to provide care for the most vulnerable in our society,


fiona said...

Wow! Just back in cyber space and reading your last few posts.
Jesus! As I am a bit slow I will have to go back over all that a few times to try and figure it all out. Or is that possible? From where I am standing it leaves one with a paralysing sense of frustration and disgust. I cannot imagine where it leaves you guys!
Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to be of any help. We will pass the word on.
Thankfully you do still have some energy left with all this. A shame of course that you have to use it on this fight!
Lots of love and kisses to you all.
Fiona G