Monday, 24 August 2009

The Big Six

I can't believe it's six whole years since you blasted into our lives full of fire and fun. You arrived with such a love of life, clenched, vice like, in your tiny fists. Now your hands are bigger - you can pack more in.

Happy 6th birthday boy wonder, long may you continue to amaze us.



steph said... sweet!

And extra poignant when you realise that boy wonder doesn't get to eat that delicious looking chocolate cake. One day...

Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rory. Tell him, Steph says chocolate cake is YUMMY!

Lily said...

Delighted for you all. A big happy birthday.

AnnB said...

Thanks Steph and Lilly - it was a great party!

Anonymous said...

Joyeux anniversaire au plus beau des p'tits gars de Galway !

Thinking of YOU all my dear ones .

Tendresse & bises de VĂ©ro

sharon dempsey said...

Happy birthday to you all. Each brithday is a precious mile stone. Just came across your blog and will be following you regularly. Thanks for the earlier shout out about my Irish Times feature. Glad you could relate!
Love Sharon x

AnnB said...

@ Vero, Bisous baveux des p'tits gars

@ Sharon, thank you and welcome on board.