Saturday, 29 May 2010

Late and Lame

The HSE have now confirmed the shocking total of 37 children who have died while in the care of the state, 18 of whom died of 'unnatural causes'. We wonder how this can happen and why nobody has been talking about it. Let me give you a little insight into why these appalling statistics do not surprise me.

As you all are sick of hearing - in July 2008 boy wonder was referred to a speech therapist employed by Enable Ireland; a HSE funded organisation charged with the care of children with a physical disability. In the words of the Attorney General of the State of California, this particular therapist was ' a threat to public safety'. The Children First officer charged with the implementation of child protection guidelines within the HSE West issued a report in September 2008 stating that by referring my child to this therapist, Enable Ireland were in breach of these guidelines. It is almost two years since that report - and almost a year since I had my son's services transferred to another service provider. In all that time I had no contact from Enable Ireland, until a letter arrived last week from the medical director who is a consultant paediatrician.

This is what it said:

I would be very pleased to discuss Rory with you at a time that is convenient.

I know that you had a number of concerns about Rory and the Enable Ireland services and would wish to address these with you.

Best Wishes etc etc.

Two years after such a serious incident I get this kind of nonsensical response. And the icing on the cake: both my name and address were written incorrectly.

Now tell me, would you bother meeting a muppet like this?



Rosie said...

Go on ruin his day - meet them so they are not let off the hook !


AnnB said...

I have met him once already and he doesn't strike me as the kind who's day would be ruined by this situation, if he did he would have had the manners to contact me before now. I need new tactics and I'm running out of ideas - there's a big gooey bun in it for whoever can come up with a plan of action!

steph said...

Goodness! Wonders will never cease!

I jest. That letter is a sad reflection of affairs at Enable Ireland.

Having said that, I think you should correspond with him to see what else he has to say.

Maybe he has a whole plateful of sticky buns to share with you?

AnnB said...

Maybe I just go in there and throw custard pies at him!

AnnB said...
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