Sunday, 2 December 2007

First outing!

Hi All,
I enjoyed my dose of Galway tonic, and verified that Niall is being well looked after by highly qualified nursing staff! Big sister nurse Barrett is playing a blinder and Dad is looking all the better for the excellent quality of care he's getting.

I'm back in Dublin with boy wonder. He's in top megawatt Rory form. Delighted to see me back, although, I suspect he didn't miss me too much judging by the orderly queue of ward staff outside his door waiting patiently for their turn to play with him! Medically, things haven't really moved on much, but his form, energy and colour etc are much improved. We're still battling the runs and the consequent mal absorbtion of his anti-rejection drugs. We are making progress, but it is frustratingly slow. On a brighter note, today, Rory had his first trip outside the hospital in 3 weeks! A friend very kindly whisked us off for a stroll in the Botanic gardens, a favourite haunt of Rory's as he loves terrorising the local squirrel population. An enthusiastic Yahoo! was heard from the back seat of the car when he realised our destination. The very blustery conditions certainly took the edge off any hosptial cobwebs.
So tomorrow we battle on again trying to lower the frequency of his over zealous nappy output and increase the levels of those all important anti rejection drugs in his blood. Fingers crossed we make progress as this is the only thing stopping us from going home.

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helena said...

rory looks very happy on his first outing...hope you got a chance to recharge those batteries and got a rest in your own bed!!
fingers still crossed n hope the drugs start to settle soon as it would be amazing to have ye home for the christmas .. niall is looking fab too considering the trauma his boby has gone through..his wit has not suffered any so that is a blessing!!

Mary said...

Glad you and Rory are starting to get out and about.

It is a really long haul for you day and night and it seems like months but look how far you have all come. Its fantastic.

Lots of love Mary and Anna.

fiona said...

Great to see little man out and about. And the air was certainly fresh today.
The Galway crew are looking good.
Keep up the good work.
Fiona G

Wardys said...

All of the Barretts have great smiles - brillant photos. Great to hear that your weekend went well. Keep up the good work - look how far ye have come its fantastic. Thinking of you all. The Wards.

fitzges said...

Delighted to hear you had a good trip back to the West .
You are all still in our thoughts.
Lots of Love
Sheila & Co

Freeda said...

Great to see so many happy smiling faces after all you have been through. Jess is obvoiusly looking after her daddy very well, keep it up Nurse Barrett!

Ann delighted to see you could take Rory out for some much needed fresh air , he is doing fantastic, keep positive, you are all in our thoughts.

Freeda & Co x

Mary said...

Delighted to see all the happy faces.
hope to see you all soon.
lots of love Mary and gang.

Aideen said...

Great to hear that Rory managed to get out for some fresh air - here's to getting him out on the prom very soon.
lots of love and thoughts, Aideen

IrishinCuba said...

Fantastic progress. I suppose rory will take you home when he's good and ready. They're still praying hard in Cuba - drum rolls to keep the gods awake. You're nearly there Ann, I bet ye'll be home for xmas.And a big hug to young nurse Barret and Niall. Tia Mags