Sunday, 9 December 2007


This is the first time we've all been together in a month. It's such a long time when you're only small. Such was Rory's delight at seeing his Dad and big sister, that I can now report a serious drop in nappy output and an even more significant improvement in his blood results. An improvement that meant we could even visit without wearing masks today. I am almost afraid to say that we may have turned a corner! Tomorrow will be a real telling point. Then hopefully, if we have finally settled down, we can start to do it all over again with the next batch of anti-rejection drugs! Apparently, this lot are even more notorious for being a very moving experience! We'll have to re stock our supply of nappy rash cream! Round one definitely goes to the drugs, I just hope round two goes to Rory!

Jess took some time out from curing her brother to have some fun with her Dublin friends on Santa's steam train. A well deserved treat for the world's best big sister.


Mary said...

So glad there is a "step forwards".

It has been a very very long month for you.

I do hope this week goes well.

Lots of love
Mary and Anna

IrishinCuba said...

great to see ye all together again after such a long roller coaster of a month. To steal a quote from Perry Lynch "I'll say one thing for ye, ye're not boring"!! Round 2: Viva Rory and Viva el rinone(kidney)
Big hugs y mucho amor
Mags and Mercedes

fiona said...

Lovely to see you all together. I know there are not too many pictures like that.
Keep up the good work.
I will keep you posted with the latest results from the ongoing mince pie trials!
Fiona G and gang