Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Hi All,

It's been a pretty frustrating few days for everyone here - except Rory, he's blissfully oblivious to the cat and mouse games being played with his medication and feed. Each change to his routine - (and Oh My! there have been many!) has a knock on effect on a whole host of other issues. His cocktail of meds is still resulting in the runs with the low level absorption of his anti-rejection drugs. So each poo is documented, weighed, inspected, discussed at length in terms of colour, texture and volume. I've become quite the expert. The poo patrol team had a long conference yesterday and we feel we may have a lead on the right combination of drugs, feed and supplements. It's like being in the middle of an extended game of Immuno-supressant Cluedo! Is it the Codeine in his colon with the peptide feed? Or the Acidophilus in his Alimentary Canal with the 30ml flush? I fear we've been a bit more Clousseau than Colombo lately and would really want to up our game here if we are to crack this case.

In the meantime Rory is busy being charming. I've really noticed a huge improvement in his ability to concentrate and complete tasks since the transplant, he seems much more focused and organised. He has school everyday now with one of the wonderful in house teachers from the Temple St primary school, she has also noticed a keener focus. So it's not just his mammy saying he's wonderful!

The Galway gang are doing well and planning a visit to us at the weekend. It'll be lovely to have all four of us together again, for the first time in a month.



Linda said...

Hi Ann
Hope you get there soon with Rory... Thinking of ye and delighted to hear that you can see progress in the bigger picture. Sending all our best wishes that it will all come together now soon, so that ye can all get home and start your new lives.
Lots of love from Linda, Cathal, Molly and Oisin.

Mary said...


Glad to hear from you.
We were a little worried with the three day silence.
Given his new focus, it sounds as though he has a natural affinity to his new kidney despite the poo trials.
It will be great for Jessica and Rori to move onto another level.

Hope the weekend goes well.

Lots of Love, Mary and Anna