Thursday, 6 December 2007

Slow progress

Hi All,

We're still hanging in there, can't really say that the poo situation is any different - maybe marginally better but to be honest I'm poo blind at this stage. Every nappy has kind of merged into one - I've lost my ability to distinguish between watery, mucousy, extremely runny, slightly thicker or even my own personal favourite, pasty! At least we know now that we have over shot on the dose of anti rejection drugs as Rory's immune system is now temporarily shot! He is in complete isolation and no one can enter his room without a mask!- However, his bloods are already improving as we have significantly cut the dose so we would expect to see a big improvement in his immune system in the next few days.

I have been, as always, so impressed by the attention to detail carried out by the team. They are intimately acquainted with every nappy and what drugs or feed recipe preceded it. Everything is plotted in anorak detail, it puts trainspotting in the ha'penny place! Nothing in Rory's care plan is changed without detailed discussion with me and my opinions are always taken into account. If you do have to be locked in a hospital room for weeks on end it is very helpful to have a say in what's happening.

When I get restless it helps to think of the longer term aim, it's worth putting in these frustrating weeks to ensure the longest possible life for this amazing kidney. When we are finally released from our incarceration - you won't see us for dust. Take note all of you out there with spare rooms in far flung places you may want to review any hastily issued invitations, once we get travelling, no guest room on the planet will be safe!



paddytraveller said...

Hello Ann,
Have you thought of script writing for ER? Er - bad joke?
Still following Rory's progress with all crossable parts of my anatomy crossed and then some.
The Aussies know about Rory too. Every little helps.
Will try to catch you on the phone.

Anne said...

Hi Anne

Hang in there, you are great to be writing this blog. Its a few days since I logged on and so was happy to hear continued progress all be it slow. You will get out of there. I think of ye everyday, the praying and good wishes are still being said. Lots of love. Will call you.

Claire FLOT said...

Chère Ann,
ton blog est vraiment formidable : on a l'impression d'avoir été avec toi toute cette dernière période !
Nous pensons toujours bien à toi et t'embrassons ainsi que Rory, Niall et Jessica bien fort !

IrishinCuba said...

Hi ye all from Havana, good to hear all go ok with the two men in the family, and the two girls in the family I hope they r still standing. Ye both are very strong. In Havana every one in Varona's family send love and sunshine. They has been asking for All of ye and glad all went well.


Aunty Mercedes

IrishinCuba said...

Hi Ann, love your new obsession. I suppose it had to move on from peeing and pooinng is the next best thing. Hope his bowels get more solid soon. We're all thinking of ye all the time. What about guava juice. Its what they use here. Someone will find it in Dublin- asia market or somewhere. i bet Atif knows it.
Love and hugs Aunty Mags

Mary said...

Hello and Best Wishes

from Mary and Anna.

Hope we will see you all in London very soon...oh and Anna says in Ballyconeelley next summer..of course.


Mary said...

Test run.

Having problems accessing.