Thursday, 13 December 2007

Release of The Temple St Two!

Yes you read correctly - We are being discharged tomorrow!! I can't quite believe it, in fact I'm in disbelief. I had been almost afraid to hope this would happen and had really prepared myself for Christmas dinner in Temple St.. Rory has made miraculous progress since last weekend and we are now ready to fly solo. We will continue to attend the hospital 2 days a week in the short term, to make sure his bloods and medication stay on track. It will only take the tiniest glitch to have us readmitted, but that's not something we haven't already lived with for the last 4 yrs. Rory won't be able to mix in large groups for a while, so school and public transport are out 'till well into the New Yr. Apart from that, he's now officially home use friendly and ready for some Christmas cheer!!

It will be an emotional day for us all - I wouldn't be surprised if the ward staff are offered counselling, for Post Rory Discharge Stress Disorder (PRDSD). I'm told symptoms can include watery eyes, wringing of hands, lumpy throats and, in severe cases, uncontrolled weeping!
Take a bow, all of you, and take credit for the part you've all played in this miracle. Your prayers, of every denomination, your good wishes, practical help and general out pouring of support have contributed hugely to this amazing day. It has been wonderful having your company on this roller coaster ride, your solidarity has kept us sane. Thank you all sincerely. We have some way to go yet on this journey, but each step is considerably eased by the knowledge that there is a large community out there wishing us well.
Here's hoping this is the start of a new adventure called normal life ....


Bryan and Kathleen said...

This is wonderful news for all of you ! Happy Christmas - Santa's on his way..

Bryan and Kathleen

Mary said...

This is so so fantastic and such a big leap in the past week.

If you have time and or the energy to keep up the blog, ongoing progress reports would be great and might save you a few lengthy "How is is going" calls until you recouperate.

Make sure someone else is cooking that Christmas turkey.

Love Mary and Anna

helena said...

we are soooooo happy for ye all.. look after your own kidneys as i am sure there will be lots of bubbly cracked open to celebrate this momentus occasion.i know i will probably have to go into rebab as intend to celebrate rory s arrival home in style !!!
candles and prayers and reiki still goin worldwide for ye all..

helena jack danny n oscar

Fiona said...

Great news Ann, so glad you are all safely back in the west.

Here's to the best Christmas ever for you sll, we'll raise a glass this evening to you

Will be in Galway over New Year so might try and visit

Take care
Fiona, Kieran & Lily xxx

Freeda said...

Ann, What an emotional moment for all of us bloggers too!!

Fantastic news, if you are up for a visit after the Christams we will definetly call out as my three are keeping all their school friends & teachers updated on this miracle and would love to see Rory in person.
Love & thoughts,

Freeda x

Gerardine said...

It is great to see ye all so well, we are delighted with all the good news lots of love and good wishes to ye all, from Ger.Neylon and family.