Friday, 16 November 2007

Coming out of the Fog

Hi All,

Things are much more settled today for both the lads. We were told that day 3 can be tricky and I think I can safely say (for Niall anyway), that tricky doesn't even come close to describing the day he put in yesterday. Rory had a settled night, the BP and fluid balancing act is beginning to find a happy medium - don't want to speak too soon though as this is Rory we're talking about after all! He is still ventilated and the plan is to continue like that until tomorrow when we will revisit the plan! He has a little fluid on his lungs which is totally normal so we just want to reduce his fluid intake and increase his urine out put - which sounds quite easy, but from what I've witnessed, involves quite a lot of hard sums! The pee is still flowing beautifully and is a delightful shade of autumn amber, full bodied and by all accounts has a very good nose! My clever son is multi tasking - peeing and breathing simultaneously.

I'm feeling less punch drunk and am now understanding at least one word in most sentences uttered to me by the team. I'm trying to get as much rest as possible to be ready for that little warrior when he wakes up. I'm sure he's going to be less than impressed with how he's going to feel. It'll be a case of crash helmet on, head down and get on with it!!

So prayers still required for another wee (pardon the pun) while please, and again the comments on the blog are becoming the highlight of my day!!


Sheelagh said...

You don't know me but I'm a good friend of your Mum's. We live the high life in Sete. I've been thinking a lot about you (and praying) over the past week. Your cousin Michael just texted me the address of your blog and it's great to be able to keep in touch with things.
The thoughts and prayers will continue .
Hopefully over the next year or so I will see you all in Sete and watch Ruarai and his sister have a great time in the Med. Your whole family deserve so much happiness.
Sheelagh MacHugh.

Maureen Hughes said...

Anne and the Warriors

such great great news coming off this blog - we are all so delighted for you all. Candles have been lit in Cabra for the past few days under the expert guidance of Rory Armitage and Mike Ward who have kept us all in the loop with their texts full of great news.

Lots of chatneuf de pape will be drunk after all this settles down We send so much love to you all.

Maureen Hughes, Eric and Ruby Gill

Mary said...

I hope you are having a nice time.

love from Anna.

Typed by Anna Brehony.