Monday, 19 November 2007

Missing the sedation

Hi All,

The boys are well and I think both of them are itching to move! Rory was very awake today which was both a blessing and a curse for the poor little mite. They're weening him off the sedation with a view to taking him off the ventilator. The downside of that is, he's more aware now, and the tube is driving him insane. He is making serious attempts to take medical matters into his own hands and yank the whole lot out. While I admire his determination and self preservation, I'm not really inclined to encourage this course of action as it is not without it's problems!! Not the mention the fact that he could be barred from the ICU for life!! However Bob the Builder came to the rescue in the form of 3 DVDs and a large screen TV. This is a tricky time, he's fitter and less compliant but not yet ready to fly solo. He's also not willing to listen to reason and who could blame him.

Niall is progressing well, talk of discharge tomorrow continues but no conclusions have been reached - we'll know more in the morning. The ward, which he had to himself, is now starting to fill up so suddenly the accommodation has lost its sheen. Auntie Mags paid a flying visit again today - armed with delicious homemade cakes- she has truly embraced her inner domestic goddess since discovering that Nigella book. She's off to Cuba in the morning for 3 months, we will really miss her and her lemon meringue pie.

So fingers and all other bits crossed we'll see some movement closer to the door tomorrow.



Anne said...

Glad to hear all is continuing to go well. Continue to mind yourself.

Mary Brehony said...

Great to hear all heading in right direction

Keep strong

Mary JB shannon & ronan xxx

helena said...

i will be dublin ALONE at the weekend if you fancy a visitor or just want to pop out for a coffee...
all at school very keen to have updates and all send their bestest wishes..
the blog is a fantastic way to keep in touch with us all well done to you ann..

Linda said...

Hi Ann,

Just letting you know that everything is good here in Galway and although Jess is very aware of her mammy, daddy and baby brother being somewhere else and getting better, is having a nice time and enjoying the extra special attention from her aunties, grannies, grandad and friends etc. She is in great form and was making get well soon cards and chocolate brownies with Yvonne over the weekend. We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of Golden Boy Niall back to the Barrett residents soon. Will promise not to spoil him too much! Jess is very excited about seeing her daddy and all of you again soon. Great to hear the daily update of Rory and that he is progressing well, really looking forward to seeing him again. I hope your doing ok through all of this. You know where we are if you need anything, especially now as mags is away. Take care, Linda x

Freeda said...

Hi Ann & boys,
Just logged on for our daily update and great to hear that the "front door " is the next step for Niall. Delighted to hear that Rory is on the road to recovery with Bob & Wendy playing their bit too!!Looking forward to your next update, take care of yourself,
love & thoughts,
Freeda x

Linda said...

Hi Ann, Niall and Rory
Only just discovered this blog now. I am so delighted it has all gone well for ye and hope that Rory will make a very quick recovery and that you'll all be on that family holiday somewhere exotic very soon!!
Lots of love from all of us
Linda, Cathal, Molly and Oisin