Sunday, 18 November 2007

Settling into the Routine

Hi All,

Another day down and some more improvements to record. Niall can be now seen doing laps of the ward on foot, tickets available on line and from Ticketmaster - book early to avoid disappointment! He's almost back to his old self between pain killers, he slips a bit just prior to the medication, but overall, he's definitely more user friendly.

I've settled into a sort of routine, I usually hit the ICU just after breakfast, then I try to meet someone for coffee - outside the hospital - the cafe in the Hugh Lane Gallery in Parnell sq is becoming a firm favourite. (By the way if anyone out there knows any of the staff could you explain that I am not some crazy lady? You could explain that I'm just going through a difficult time and that I speak very highly of their scones!) I have another visit with Rory before I make my way to Beaumont to see the kidney's former owner. Back into town round 7ish for dinner and back up to spend the evening with Rory.

The main man is still peeing for Ireland, 150ml in one hour today - a new personal best for this talented young fella. He's still ventilated and as usual we will revisit that situation tomorrow. His fluid balance is getting closer to the desired happy medium, but Rory being Rory, won't be pushed into doing anything! He's taking his own time and has chosen the scenic route through this week. His central line was taken out today so we are at least one wire down on yesterday. His BP has been classic Rory - all over the place, thankfully we all know his form and we try not to get too excited about it. Generally you could say that things are still going to plan - but I think the schedule is taking a bit of a hammering.

We're not out of the woods just yet, but lets just say we can see the clearing with the picnic tables just up ahead. Don't take your feet of the prayer pedals yet.



helena said...

we wont uncross anything just yet..
charlie on standby for a lift for niall for tomorrow.. mags visited us yesterday and is also full of praise for hospital.. it is good to hear that when it does work it works well...a bit like rory s new kidney..
let us know when you want or are able for visitors ..
lotsa love

Véro said...

So far so good ...

Je suis ravie de lire ta prose qui me renseigne sur l'état de tes hommes et me laisse entrevoir ton état d'esprit concernant les progrès quotidiens de tes 2 amours ...
Qu'en-est-il de Jess? Qui la babysit ?Rita ? Envoie-lui plein de bises .
Je pense à toi et aux chicos tous les jours .Tiens-bon mon petit coeur .

fiona said...


fiona said...

Hi there
Finally figured out how to do this(I think)Still a bit technologically challenged. Great to get updates .I can stop pestering Rosie for news now. Thrilled to hear all going so well for Barrett boys. Hope you bearing up too! Thinking of you all. Will probably be in Hugh Lane Wed am if you out and about for cuppa.