Friday, 16 November 2007

Mist lifting!

Hi All,

Not much news really since I last logged on earlier today. Just back from Beaumont where Niall is a much happier camper than yesterday. He's off all drips, tubes and wires of any description and looking all the better for it too, I might add. They're even beginning to discuss discharge over the next few days, which is hugely encouraging. Rory's progressing according to plan but I think he's really itching to get out of that bed. He's still sedated but it's tough on him having physio to shift the fluid - and then being stuck back to the bed. His new kidney is still working a treat with amazing blood results, the like of which we have never seen before - well within normal range - a term we have never before heard uttered in relation to Rory! He just hasn't done normal before - I hope he doesn't have problems adjusting to this new found normality.
I think we all will - normal has been a pretty elastic term in our house for the last 4 years.



Anne said...

Hi Anne, Its a lovely way to start a Saturday morning with your continued good news. Next time you post a picture of the boys get someone to take a picture of you all. We are continuing to send you lots of prayers, love and good energy. Gerard, Anne, Niamh, Elizabeth and Madeleine.

chick said...

Hey Ann,
Great to hear the boys are doing better and better,and that Rory is producing such classic vintage.
Lots of love and prayers
chick and siobhan

Mary said...

Hi All,

delighted to hear of steady progress. your blog is so well written Jk Rowling better put her pen down!!
James has a joke for Rory.
Knock knock
Who's there
Treasure who
Treasure in your heart!!
I know and you know thats not funny! but he thinks it is.

Triona said...

Hi Ann,
Delighted to hear things are continuing to go well.
Lots of love and good wishes to you all.
Triona, Alan, Sinead, Cormac, Laoise and Lorcan

Sean said...

Glad to hear the good news! We are keeping you in our prayers over in America. All the best and will look forward to continued great news!


Ophelia said...

Hi Ann, Niall, Rory, Jessica, Sorry that Niall's been feeling all shook up; tell him we're sending a hunk a hunk a hunka love. Looking forward to our Theo and your Rory kicking a ball around sometime in the not too distant future. Ophelia's ma has an army praying for ye in Galway, and we're thinking about you all the time. All our love, Frankie, Ophelia and Theo xxx

Aideen said...

Hi Ann - great to hear all the encouraging news. What a pair of stars you have ........ not to mention the two amazing girls they have in you and Jess. All our love xx