Thursday, 15 November 2007

Hi All,

Day 3 is behind us and we're still in pretty good shape - considering! Niall had the worst day today due to a recent separation from his morphine pump. The pain has really kicked in. It's very tough for him but news of the litres and litres of that amber nectar that Rory is producing is helping. I'm a bit like a spare wheel at the moment as there isn't much I can do for either of them. Rory had another ultrasound on Niall's old kidney today and they said it was very good looking - so at least now we have clinical proof that Niall's beauty isn't just skin deep!!!

Rory's continuing to produce the goods at the rate of around 80ml per hour. His blood pressure is stable (ish) and although still ventillated, he is breathing on his own. Even while heavily sedated he was making attempts to get out of bed. Horse's doses of sedation and he still wants to run a muck! God help us all when he is back to full on Rory power!

No date yet for moving him out of ICU, they are working at getting his fluid balance right - which is a question of trial and error, but he has made a very good start. The team are with him round the clock and are, as ever, attentive to our every need. Their vigil is constant, caring and utterly awe inspiring.

All your messages are fantastic - I really look forward to logging on. It is hugely supportive to know that so many people all around the world are thinking of us. I will have more photos soon when the boys are back to their photogenic best!!



Darren said...

Hi this is Darren (Pierce's friend from San Francisco). Pierce told me about the op' and the blog. I'm making it a nightly ritual at the moment to check on the progress- after I've got my wee one to bed.
Great to hear things are going so well. All the best wishes from the Morgan/ Emery family.

Claire FLOT said...

It is nice to read everyday such good news and evolution (except the pain !)

Best wishes and love from the FLOT family ... from France and Chili !

Nous pensons tous bien à vous et vous embrassons très fort !


Anne said...

Glad to hear ye are doing well. Hope the pain eases soon for Niall. Glad to hear that Rory is trying to get out of bed and the peeing is flowing. Isn't is amazing how interested you can get on peeing at this time! Tell Jess we know she is doing a very important job minding the house for when you all get back. And most of all make sure you get as much rest as you can Anne and be sure to mind yourself. Lots of Love, Gerard, Anne, Niamh Elizabeth and Madeleine.

helena said...

the candles are still burning in mervue..all sounds like it is going to plan.. fingers still crossed too..
charlie xxxx

Aimée said...

We all think Rory looks really well and hope he continues to get better. Best wishes Mary, Anna, Breda and her daughter Aimee. xx

Aimée said...

We all think that Rory looks really good and hope he continues to do well. Best Wishes Mary, Anna, Breda and her daughter Aimee. xx

Freeda said...

Hi Guys, great news so far but it must still be tough going for you all. Every step is a small one but as long as each one is positive then it won't be long till they are both running about!! Sound like Rory can't wait to get going! Keep coming with the blogs, we are constantly logging on to check the latest and it's great to get each update. All fingers and legs still crossed in Craughwell and we are constantly thinking of you all

Freeda & co xxxx