Thursday, 22 November 2007

First Wet Nappy Ever!

Hi All,

I know I said I would spare you the emotional milestones but allow me just this one more!

I changed my son's first ever wet nappy today! OK, so it wasn't completely normal, the urine did exit through a whole in his tummy. But hey, it was a nappy and it was wet!! The urine bag was removed today without much fuss, of course jelly legs here had to leave the room while they did it I had worked myself up into quite a squeamish lather! Now Rory is left with a little slit like incision on the lower left side of his bellybutton, out of which the urine just drains constantly. There is a medical term for it but I can't even pronounce it never mind spell it. From a home management point of view this will now be collected by an absorbent pad slotted inside a regular nappy. The worrying prospect of me having to acquire a whole new set of urine management skills has now been put to rest. What a relief, as I am an old dog and these were potentially new tricks! Rory seems very comfortable with the whole set up, wincing only slightly when the pad was changed, but he won't feel anything once the wound heals. He was a shade sunnier today than yesterday, asking for snuggles and even managing some quality floor time with Scoop, Muck and Dizzy.

Of course the other main event of the day was the return west of the right kidney! Niall was formally discharged from the excellent care of Beaumont Hospital. It was lovely to think of both he and Jess together again at last. Although I will really miss his company here in Dublin, I won't miss the trek between the two hospitals. He is now in intensive care in Father Griffin Rd., where I'm sure, in due course, he will need to be surgically removed from the couch! I really hope there's some quality footie on the box for the up coming weeks!

Keep the comments coming they're a tonic.


Mary said...

Hi Anne,
it was great to hear from you and sounding so well. looking forward to seeing you all soon.

fitzges said...

It is fanatastic that Niall is heading home to Jess and Rory is making such progress.I think about you daily and Im sure you can feel the loving vibes from Brighton.
Sheila & Co

armo said...

Hi everybody great to get home at all hours off the morning your time and see everything going well!sky sports or setanta packages for the elder lemon!!once you get Gerry flynn slow roasting something for you all you know everything is good!As a good friend of us all used to say,Peace and love!Rory,Margie,Kevin and Heather.xxxx

Linda said...

Hi there,
Its so lovely to hear of rory's progress everyday. Jess was delighted to see her daddy yesterday. He has taken up his position on the couch and settled back very nicely. He is already giving orders and pointing randomly at what it is he wants, i.e. chocolates, remote control etc. He is under the watchful eye of Carmel Barrett who is only way too happy to answer to every beck and call! keep up the good work you and Rory
Take care, Linda x

fiona said...

Hi there
Glad to hear Rory not too 'pissed off' with the whole thing(sorry someone had to try that one!.
Big Niall must be thrilled to be back home installed in his favourite place and being looked after by his mother and his daughter. Could he ask for much more. Oh wife!, yes well...!! Enough said!
Mind yourself.
Love Fiona G xxxx