Monday, 26 November 2007

Sense of humour returns

Hi All,
(Sorry about the layout today but am having a spot of blog bother!)
Medically however, things are still pretty much going to plan, we have negotiated a lower volume of fluid intake for Rory which, mercifully, led to a consequent drop in output. As you can see from the photo, his sense of humour has also returned in earnest. Hearty chuckles could be heard from cubicle 9 today. We have also started the campaign to Free The Temple St Two! We're not planning any militant action just yet, but we may have to review this policy if our demands aren't met within the next few weeks. Cabin Fever is setting in - its intensity is directly proportional to Rory's increase in mobility. I would fear for the safety of staff and other patients if it is allowed to continue unchecked! New Bob The Builder figures had to be called in as back up today to quell the unrest. I smell busy times ahead.
The Galway advance party are also twitching so I guess we must all be on the mend.


fiona said...

Hi there
Great to hear all going so well or 'normal'. Poor old normal, gets such bad press, lot to be said for it really! Hope you get to go west but if you dont we can always bring in more clothes to brighten up your life even further!
Love to all.
Fiona G xxx

Linda said...

Hi Ann, Niall and Rory
Delighted to see the progress Rory is making. It is wonderful! Hope ye're all back to totally normal as soon as possible and thinking of ye all the time.
Lots of love and can't wait to see ye all at home soon.
Linda, Cathal, Molly and Oisin

Freeda said...

Hi Ann,

Wonderful to see that Rory's sense of humour has returned and to read your brilliant updates it appears that yours has never been too far away during this miraculous journey.
love & thoughts,
Freeda & Co x