Friday, 23 November 2007

'Fraid we've gone all normal

Hi All,

It's fairly safe to log on today - no tissues required. Rory's progress is continuing well as you can see. He's a long way from full Rory throttle yet but making very brave efforts. We've started physio to get him back on his feet, his muscles are all quite tight after his 10 day hibernation. His system is still in a heap from the surgery and the new barrage of anti rejection meds. I've changed a lifetime's worth of dirty nappies of all shades and sizes in the last few days. Tomorrow's trial cure is the consultant's own personal favourite for this type of situation.....banana milkshake! So my homework for the morning is to whiz up banana and natural yogurt! This will all go down his tube as he is still resisting anything by mouth! As you may have guessed we have pretty much thrown the kitchen sink at this problem so it's back to the old reliables. I'll be submitting a paper on it to The Lancet if this one works! All other non pharmacological suggestions greatly appreciated by the way.

Niall's recovering well, busy receiving guests bearing liquid tokens of their esteem for his brave act of generosity. Like the true selfless being that he is, he is doing so without so much as a whimper of complaint.


Anne said...

Hi Anne,

Just logged on, delighted to hear that all is going so well and lovely to see pictures of Rory. I am going to bed with a smile on my face. Keep up the good work and mind yourself.

Véro said...

Hi Anita ma belle ,

Like everyone , I get my dose of news coming from the blog , I must confess now I'm totally addicted to this blog.
Good joke from Fiona G. I presume concerning " pipi" from Rory ...

Nappy rime avec happy et "pipi" c'est très régressif mais très festif aussi!
photos magnifiques de toi & bien sûr du vaillant petit guerrier ...

Big hug to Big Daddy back home to the ladies ( lovely Jess & family )
à toi ma puce de la vaillance , de l'humour (Pff t'en as déjà )
je pense fort à toi

Claire FLOT said...

Chère Ann,
it was really fantastic to read everyday these good news and progress !
Unfortunately, I could not write much as it was censured at work (French banks !!!).
The pictures are beautiful.
Love to all the family West or East coast and a special kiss to Rory !
The FLOT family

AJ Cahill said...

Hi Ann,Niall & Rory

My mom ( 2 kidney transplants) and myself (2 kidney stones) have been following this amazing journey via your blog. Niall’s generosity is incredible knowing the pain any kidney procedure involves – well done Niall !!!. We were holding are breaths until after day 3, thanks again for sharing this journey as everyone loves a happy ending.

lots of love

AJ & Treasa and all the Cahill family

Mary said...

So many milestones. Whoever would have thought peeing and pooing would be such a cause for excitement and congratulation!

It sounds as though you are in the middle of another marathon and working your socks off as usual.

I do hope there is some respite for you.

Love Mary and Anna.

Freeda said...

Hi Anne,

What fantastic photographs, they speak volumes, seeing Rory smiling after all he has been through in the last three years. What a journey Anne....great to hear that Niall is home with Jess and we are all praying for the speedy & safe return of you & Rory to the West. Love & thoughts,

Freeda, Nigel, Tara, Sean & Cian x

Joe said...
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Joe said...

Hi Anne

I just got an update about whats been going on from Wardy. Wow- amazing progress, and what a story. Great to read the blog and see the pictures.
Lots of love to you, Niall, Jess and Rory and a very happy Christmas
from joe Celine Eva & Theo xxxx