Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Still Peeing

Hi All,

Really great to get the comments from you all they're a real boost on these long days.
Rory's still peeing like a race horse here- Chateauneuf de Barrett '07 is proving to be an exceptional vintage!! The kidney's previous owner is getting on very well without it- no separation anxiety detected just yet.
There's a palpable air of excitment here in Temple St and his old freinds from Crumlin are sending messages of support too.

It's a waiting game now over the next few days- Rory's still ventillated and heavily sedated (wouldn't mind some of it meself at this stage), it's a question of getting the fluid balance right and letting the kidney settle into its new home. It's probably in shock from having to downsize so drastically - it must be the renal equivalent of moving from a five bed detached mansion to a bijou studio appartment! Mind you the room for expansion will be endless once we get the little lad eating!

Keep up the prayers don't get off your knees just yet!


Freeda said...

Fantastic news i never thought i would be so happy to hear about a 3 yr old going for a pee!!! Give us a shout when you want tips on potty training!!!
Delighted to hear Mr Barrett senior is not missing his body part too much and that it seems to be settling into its new home.
Will keep you in our thoughts
Freeda & Co xxx

Aideen said...

Great news Ann - hope you manage to get some rest on the back of it.

Fiona said...

Great news Ann, so glad things are going so well, love to the boys and Jess

Take care Fiona

Jim said...

Hi Ann great to hear all going well. Hope all continue to pee straight and get home asap.

Jim Denise Katherine and Amy

helena said...

fantastic news.. when we told oscar that rory had done his first wee ever he said he must have been bursting!!!
great to read the blog and i have passed on the address to both annes at school.. we also gave fionan the hospital address as he has picture for rory..
helena and boyz

David & Bernie Gower said...

Just a quick note to let you know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. We heard the news from Nigel and Freeda and have now read Ann's reports and seen the photos of Niall and Rory. We hope they are both doing well - hopefully Mr Barrett Snr can also still pee as well as his son! Best wishes to all of you.


Bernie, David & Dearbhla Gower

maey molloy said...

Hi Ann,
Cliona is keeping us all updated.
great to hear your men are doing well.We are still on our spiritual if not physical knees.
Thinking about all.
Mary, Mickey,Aengus, Cathal,Marcus and Olwyn.