Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Transplant Day

18h30 in Dublin. We're over half way through the day and it has been a marathon, very, very, tough. Not over yet. Niall is out of surgery - minus a kidney and it is now being transplanted into Rory. I'm desperately trying to fill these last few hours! Hope to log on later. Don't ease off on the praying just yet!



Matt said...

Thanks for the update,sounds like so far so good!!!will log on later to get latest. Rory looked dead handsome as I am sure Niall did in his jim jams.


Véro said...

les photos sont belles & encourageantes ... qu'ils sont beaux les hommes de ta vie !

je pense à toi & à toute la famille

tout mon soutien à Rory et daddy


Mary Brehony said...

We are thrilled that all is going so well. all our positive thoughts are with ye.

Johnny, Mary , Shannon & Ronan xxxx