Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Pee Day

We're all just about still standing here. Niall and Rory are both very stable. Rory is still in ICU which is to be expected after all he has been through. Niall is bonding well with his morphine pump and looking great after his ordeal.

They both went to theatre round noon with the kidney going into Rory shortly after 5pm. It had been rushed through Dublin traffic at breakneck speed from Beaumont hospital nearby.
We had an emotional meeting with the transplant team at 7.30pm when they assured us that all had gone well. Now all we had to do was wait for the urine to start to flow. Rory's bladder had to be bypassed, it's not quite ready to be plumbed in yet, he has an interesting bag on his abdomen to collect the urine. There was an anxious hour in ICU as we waited to see the golden liquid flow into the bag. I couldn't bear to look! Mags took matters into her own hands, massaging his kidney points until miraculously it started to flow, and flow!
Almost 2 litres in less than 24hrs! Not bad for a learner!!

It was the longest day of my life, truely hellish. Fortunately I was supported by an incredible team of people. Auntie Mags played a blinder with tissues and tea on tap. It seemed that the entire staff of Temple St hospital held their breath for the 7 long hours of surgery with many of them not wanting to go home after their shifts until there was news. It has been truely humbling to be around these people, their skill at their jobs is second to none but their humanity has left us lost for words. This is one area of our health service where nothing short of excellence is tolerated.

The messages of good will are a huge help - sorry if I don't always reply, I'm not often fit to talk or text, thank you all so much for your support it is invaluable.



Unknown said...

Great to hear ye are all doing well. Continue to take good care of yourself. You never leave my thoughts for long. All here are delighted for you. Gerard, Anne, Niamh, Elizabeth and Madeleine.

Matteon said...

Glad its going well,staff sound amazing. great to get positive update. explained to the kids whats happening, James hopes he does not wee in his pants like he does!!!

Unknown said...

Anne, Niall & Rory:

That is great news. Pierce has been keeping us up to date.
Take care of yourselves and here's to a quick recovery.

Barry & Madge Lynch

Shannon said...

What great news! You have been in our thoughts constantly, and I am so glad to hear things are going well. Sending lots of love!

Mary said...

Hello Anne, Niall, Rory and Jessica,

Fantastic news.

We hope you can all get a little sleep now.

Anna loved the Blog title "Pee Day". Anna sends her love and wants to see you all soon.

Mary and Anna

Véro said...

Thinking of you constantly (even when I'm teaching in my classroom - map of Ireland facing me ...)

Hope you're just doing fine all of you

dis à Niall que je prépare des "médicaments" en bouteille made in Bordeaux pour sa convalescence