Sunday, 25 November 2007

Sitting up

Hi All,

For those of you suffering withdrawal symptoms, sorry for not 'blogging' yesterday, exhaustion took over, I'm suffering from milestone meltdown! Here's yet another two for the trophy wall, Rory sat up unaided and took his first few steps. He ignored the programme set up by the physio and just got on with it himself, bypassed the boring bits and went straight for the end result, very typical Rory! The current challenge is to tolerate the litres of fluid being pushed into his little system everyday! He is now being expected to tolerate almost 5 days worth of fluid in only 24 hours. It's taking binge drinking to a whole new level! Not to put too fine a point on it, but, what goes in, must come out! I'll spare you all the details, but suffice it to say, I'll be buying shares in Pampers first chance I get! The banana milkshake has had some effect but I think the root cause of his over eager evacuation is probably just sheer volume. It'll take time so I'll be maintaining my Sudocream vigil for the foreseeable future!

Reports from the resting troops in Galway remain chipper, the home fires are burning and the new TV remote control is working overtime. I don't see that remote lasting long once Rory gets home though, he was named as the prime suspect in the disappearance of the last one. Foul play was definitely suspected!

I hope to make it West myself for a few days this week. It's been two whole weeks since I've seen Jess, it feels like two years, I miss her. I also really need to recharge my batteries and refresh my wardrobe, I'm getting really sick of everything in that suitcase.




Aideen said...

Ann - how great to see that Rory can't wait to get up and about and make up for the past two weeks in bed. Hope you manage to get home this week to recharge and get a dose of good sea air....... All our love, xx

fitzges said...

Fantastic photos of Rory.
Love to Jessica and Niall from us all and I hope you make it home to see them this week
All our Love