Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Hi All,

Not much to report today, except that more of the old Rory is appearing everyday. His stamina is improving, along with his attention span and his interest in his toys. The two main issues at the moment are; the runs -although we maybe getting to the bottom of it (pardon the pun) as slight traces of a bug were detected in his samples. Not enough to warrant any treatment but a bona fide bug none the less! The other issue is getting the dose of anti rejection drugs right; too little and they're ineffective, to much and they can be toxic to the kidney! Don't you just love these medical conundrums, they're just so darn definitive, it's a good solid 'either or' situation! Neither of which is desirable! Of course his intestinal turmoil is also affecting his absorption rate of the anti rejection drugs, and any antibiotics we could use to give the gut bug the old heave ho, well, they would mess even further with the absorption rate of said anti rejection drugs. So there you have it - the dilemma du jour, all suggestions on a post card please! I think this is the honours paper in transplant science, I wonder is too late to change to pass? Luckily I'm getting extra grinds from the team, who are an inspiration in the art of patiently answering the same stupid questions over and over again.

As you may have gathered, my brain is now fried. I am very glad to be going back to Galway tomorrow, to unscramble the circuitry and spend some quality time with Niall and Jess.



Aideen said...

Ann - delighted to hear Rory is improving every day - I will miss the updates while you're in Galway. Enjoy the time with Nial and Jess - I hope you find the 'old' Nial has fully returned to Fr Griffen Road. Look forward to hearing from you when you're back on line. xx

fiona said...

Dont forget to bring your frock back with you. And sure your high heels while you are at it! It is the silly season after all and never being one to miss an opportunity to party....