Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A Fairly normal day

Hi All,

Reading your comments, I realise that after all the emotion of the last week, we could all do with a relatively normal day. So, with that in mind I will spare you all your morning weep into your cornflakes and tell you that today passed quietly without any major emotional mile stones. I personally don't think I could have done another one. I need to psyche myself up for my new found normality! Rory was fairly comfortable today, although, he was more lethargic than yesterday, which was to be expected. Our aim for the next few days is to get the right balance between pain relief and easing off on the sedation. It was the first day we heard any complaint out of him, so we are still tweaking the pain killers. We had pretty much gotten on top of it by this evening as I left him, he was hugging his teddy and watching the Simpsons. Kids who battle illness are incredibly inspirational, they are completely honest about how they feel. When Rory isn't feeling well he just shuts down and concentrates all his energy on getting better, and as soon as he feels better he just gets on with the business of having fun.

Patient senior was in top form today, he even made it all the way over to Temple St on his own.
He has been given the all clear to check himself out tomorrow, so look out Galway he's on his way home! It'll be great to get the advance party west, we're all really missing Jess. She's having a ball being very well cared for by all her aunties and grand parents. She's very excited that since Rory won't need his wee wee machine anymore, we'll all be able to go on holiday together for the first time. Ah yes the sweet smell of normality....



Triona said...

Ann, Niall, Jess and Rory.
I am so delighted for you all that you are in this wonderful place. We are all still thinking and praying for strong recoveries for both lads over the coming weeks and months and for a "better than normal" family holiday as soon as you are all ready for it :-).

paddytraveller said...

Great news.
Elsa xxx

Aideen said...

Ann - great news's to the holiday xx

Marie-Noëlle and Co said...

Bonjour à toute la petite famille,
De gros bisous de France où nous sommes heureux de voir que tout se passe bien. Pour les vacances peut être que vous pourrez choisir de venir chez "Mamie" et comme ça nous pourrons profiter des deux petits amours !!! Bravo pour votre courage, ces enfants ont des parents formidables!!! sans oublier Mamie Rita qui a toujours été là !!!!
Gros bisous de M-Noëlle and family

Anonymous said...

well hows it all going i hope rory and niall are ok
danny b

hi hope rory and nial doing well and everything ok hope to see rory and ye all soon
jack b


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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